Frequently Asked Questions

For Photography:

There are all sorts of things that can be fixed in editing. You'd be surprised how much editing goes into just taking the standard interior photos to make them look like what we see with our eyes. Removing items, cleaning window, removing that pile of dirty clothes in the corner... it's all possible. But for that additional time retouching I charge additional fees. Sometimes things can't be avoided but it's usually cheaper to have something cleaned or moved in real life. There are other professionals that are very good at their jobs such as house cleaners, painters, decorators, home stagers... While I might need to move some items to make the shot look better I haven't extensively studied or practiced in those fields. Here are some tips on how to prepare for a listing photo shoot.
It varies by packages and services ordered. For a studio or 1 bedroom partment with no exterior or common area shots it might be as little as 20 to 30 minutes. For a large home with a lot of photos ordered it might be 2 hours.
Ideally 48 hours but the more time the better and there have been instances where same day shoots have been booked.
Usually 24 to 48 hours after the shoot you will receive an email with a link to previews from your shoot that and link to an invoice. When the invoice is paid you can download the full size images.
You can pay online with a debit card, credit card or PayPal. Images will not be released until payment is made.
It's usually best if there's someone there to let me in. If you can make other arrangements to give me access I will consider that.
You get some nice features but I think the main attraction is that you have a page that doesn't link to any other properties. If you share the link in email, on Facebook or other social media, visitors only see your property. There are no links or thumbnails of other properties. Even if you use the page on your brokerage's website, vistors can get distracted with other properties. You want them to spend their undivided attention considering your listing when you send it to them. In additon you get a nice display, a way for messages about the property to go to your email and are able to download and print a PDF flyer.
For houses, the square footage I measure will likely be more than reported on property records and for apartments my measurements are usually less. For billing purposes I count the interior space I measured. Many times for houses below grade areas are not included in the square footage whether they're finished or not. For a ranch style house with a full basement this might be double what the tax records show, for a 2 story colonial with basement it might only be 33% more. Units in multi-tenant buildings on the other hand tend to report greater square footage than I measure in most cases. Most will include the area from outside wall to outside wall and sometimes even a percentage of common space.