Virtual Staging

It's easier for buyers to visualize themselves in a home when it's staged. As a result homes sell for more money and in less time. While virtual staging isn't a complete replacement for traditional staging, it does provide an affordable option in situations where traditional staging isn't feasible. For an additional fee photos from your shoot can be virtually staged.

Virtual Staging


The Virtual Staging Process

Let me know before the shoot which rooms you'd like to have virtually staged as well as a general style, theme or other thoughts you might have.

Factor in an additional 2 or 3 days after delivery of the photos from your listing shoot for delivery of the virtually staged photos.

If you can provide a floor plan or are have included floor plan measuring and drawing as part of your shoot it will enhance the virtual staging. If that's not an option some measurements will be taken of the room during the shoot.

In an effort to make the virtual staging look as realistic as possible there are three main questions I ask myself throughout.

  • Is the furniture scaled properly?
  • Is this layout realistic to implement?
  • If this was my home, would I be happy living with this furniture arrangement?

If the answers to those three questions are "yes" the result is virtual staging that sets realistic expectations which helps move the listing faster.

Virtual Staging Examples