Floor Plan Measuring & Drawing

Many buyers are interested in floor plans because it helps them better understand how well the home matches their space needs. A floor plan conveys important information that photos cannot and some viewers may not short-list a property if they are unsure it meets their criteria. Floor plans help eliminate that uncertainty and have been shown to increase clicks.

Floor Plan Service

$0.10/sq ft $100 minimum
add $20 for furnished floor plans

Floor Plan Measuring

Let me know prior to your photo shoot appointment that you'd like a floor plan for your listing. Floor plans are an add-on service to photo services and cannot be ordered separately.

After the shoot I use a combination of traditional and laser tools to take measurements of the space so I can create an accurate floor plan.

A floor plan can be used to let potential buyers see if their furniture can fit in the space but it's more informative if furniture is already added. In most cases any 2+ bedroom listing will be furnished as if a family were living in it. If you are trying to market the listing to other types of buyers let me know so I can make adjustments.

Floor Plan Examples